Why The Intel NUC Celeron 874 (BOXDCCP847DYE) With Openelec is The Perfect HTPC

I decided to write this because of all the uncertainty surrounding a solid HTPC. Many people out there have no idea what to use as a HTPC, and many people don’t want to build their own. I’m going to go over why, in my opinion, an Intel NUC Celeron 874 (BOXDCCP847DYE) paired with Openelec (XBMC) is the perfect choice.

I wanted to jot down some pros and cons for using an Intel NUC (like the Celeron 874 BOXDCCP847DYE) as a home theatre pc. Many people call it under-powered, or noisy.. both of which are untrue. If they had actually used or seen one in person, that wouldn’t be saying that.

Small form factor

This thing is super small. It’s small enough that you can put it practically anywhere. You can even mount it behind your TV so that you can’t even see it’s there.


It’s soo quiet. Seriously. I’ve never heard the fan. Okay I put my ear to the vents and I heard a whisper of wind one time. Even forty five minutes into a 1080p REMUX file, it was barely breaking a sweat. With only a fan as a moving part, there’s no mechanical hard drive to make any noise.

Intel is trusted

When you think of Intel you think of quality, high tech products. You think of leader, and excellent manufacturing. Nothing negative really comes to mind. You aren’t buying some poorly made and supported chinese brand computer.


With Openelec, this thing is lightning quick

It’s a fact that when you pair an SSD and Openelec, you get blazing speeds. Nothing comes close. Okay maybe a thumbdrive or something but c’mon. NUC + SSD is a winning combination that will never bog down or disappoint you.

Need WiFi?

I hate wifi so I avoid it if I can. But, if you need wifi you can easily get a wifi card to install into your NUC. It’s as simple as adding RAM, or the SSD. It uses the same style slot.

Easily Upgrade

Find yourself needing a larger SSD down the road? Easily swap in a larger one. Need more RAM? Very easy. It’s much like RAM replacement in a laptop, remove a couple screws and you’re done.

Aftermarket Cases

The Intel NUC Celeron 874 (BOXDCCP847DYE) is still relatively new. The aftermarket is still sparse but new products are coming up every month. Look for completely silent cases to avoid that fan if you need to. There are some nice aluminum cases out there that will allow you to show off your NUC if you don’t tuck it behind your TV.

I hope these points help with your decisions, or maybe I made it even harder for you? Who knows. What I tried to do was give you some more information on these amazing devices. There isn’t much info online, and if it is, it’s buried in some forum online.

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