Honest NVIDIA SHIELD Pro Review

There is truly a massive array of media players on the market, but the majority of them falter in one area or another. This is not the case with the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro. Although the product is slightly more expensive than many of its competitors, it delivers additional functionality, which is unparalleled. The box can be utilized for a handful of different purposes, including streaming content, storing media and playing tons of awesome games. Below, you will find a thorough review for this media player, so you can easily determine whether or not it is right one for you!

shield pro 1Access An Abundance Of Apps

If you’re interested in utilizing the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro to watch streaming content, you can rest assured knowing you’ll be able to do so, without any problems. The media player can provide the user with instant access to all of their favorite streaming platforms, including YouTube, Hulu, Netflix, and SlingTV. Another major plus is the fact that this box can be used in conjunction with the open source Kodi. This gives the user access to an even wider array of content.

Storage Capabilities

For those of you that prefer to store their gaming aps on one device or externally, you will have these options available to you, if you invest in the NVIDIA SHIELD. With the built-in 500-gigabyte hard drive and microSD card slot, you will be able to store a large volume of data. This way, all of your storage data will only be a fingertip away, so there will be no need to go searching for your favorite games or videos.  

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Video Games

When compared to many of the other media players, the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro is a more well rounded alternative. While many others are specifically dedicated to videos, the SHIELD can also double as a video game console. With this media player, the user will be able to play the latest and greatest Android games directly on their television screen. The included controller helps to make the experience even more satisfying. By taking advantage of the GeForce NOW, the user will also be able to stream their favorite computer games directly to their television screen.

Private Listening Experience

One great option that you will have with the SHIELD Pro is private listening. If you live in a home with several family members, they will definitely appreciate this great feature, especially if you enjoy playing your video games afterhours. All you need to do is plug your ear buds or headset into the SHIELD controller to take advantage of this option. This will eliminate the need for any type of external listening device, which would just bog up space.  


When looking at the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro’s price, one may be initially turned off. Of course, the media player is capable of deliver a performance, which undeniably justifies its slightly higher price. For starters, the box will give the user the ability to watch movies and shows in 4K Ultra HD. The box utilizes a NVIDIA Tegra X1 Processor, so it delivers a much quicker performance than the majority of its rivals. The media player’s space can also be increased substantially. This combination of features helps to make the NVIDIA SHIELD Pro one of the best media players on the market!

Design and Appearanceshield pro 2

If you are an advocate for a clean and tidy living environment, you will definitely fall in love with the SHIELD’s design. It is very slim and compact, so it will not take up a lot of space on your TV or computer stand. Its overall design is very eye appealing and will integrate very easily into any home décor. This definitely beats those oversized streaming devices that draw way too much negative attention.


  • A very well rounded media player
  • Delivers a brilliant performance and beautiful video quality
  • Using Google’s voice commands offers added convenience
  • 500GB should be sufficient for the majority of users
  • Delivers access to a large variety of streaming applications
  • Can play Android games and can stream PC games
  • Comes with a gaming remote


  • Slightly more costly
  • Amazon Prime isn’t available yet
  • Traditional remote needs to be purchased separately

Overall Assessment

All in all, after you’ve read this NVIDIA SHIELD Pro review you’ll see that it’s truly an outstanding media player. Whether you’re a gamer or avid movie watcher, you truthfully cannot lose with the NIVIDIA SHIELD. If you want one of the best media players and don’t mind spending a little extra, you should definitely check out the SHIELD!

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