Pluto TV Hits Deal With Hulu To Offer Streaming Service’s Free Content

Pluto TV is the latest video streaming service to hit the market and it’s aimed directly at cord cutters. In a deal with Hulu, the service will start streaming Hulu’s free content. This addition means it’ll offer an array of mainstream content, which includes very popular shows from ABC, Fox and NBC.

The deal includes both current and older shows such as Star Trek, Seinfeld, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Cheers, Happy Days, Saturday Night Life and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Although they have an agreement, it’s not nearly as extensive as the recent announcement regarding Hulu distribution of Showtime content.  That deal was a business partnership; the deal with Pluto TV was to make it easier for its web player to be added to the Pluto TV website.

The deal is limited. Pluto TV can be found on an array of platforms – web, Android, iOS and streaming media players such as Chromecast, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. However, the content is only going to work on the Android and Pluto TV website.

Users can find Hulu’s programming in the “on demand” section of the website, not in the linear streaming section.

People can use Pluto to watch Hulu shows – along with the ads from Hulu’s ad server. This makes the Pluto TV deal similar to what Hulu has made with other companies such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo.

It’s not known what Hulu gains from this deal but it certainly follows the other partnerships Hulu has made in early 2015, in an effort to expand its content library.

Pluto TV is geared toward cord cutters – people who don’t want to pay for cable or satellite subscriptions. It offers more than 100 channels both online and on its cross-platform apps, and are divided into categories such as entertainment, kids, lifestyle, comedy, education, sports, music, etc.

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