3 Uses For An Android TV Box

An Android TV Box has the potential to take the world this 2015. Although not yet formally defined, any device that is about 5×2 inches in size, Android-compatible, and allows you to stream 1080p videos can be considered an Android TV Box.

So why is the future looking up for the Android TV Box? In an age where entertainment sells, having multimedia entertainment in an instant will surely be a hit. And that is the main reason why the Android TV Box is gaining so much attention from developers, investors, and the public as a whole.

As of now, the technology is still too young for it to be called phenomenal. But the things that you can do with it hold the promise of becoming something phenomenal. Give it more time and it will surely bring traditional media a competition. Here are the most important uses for an Android TV Box:

movie streaming

  1. Movie, Music, TV Streaming

The name itself is a give-away. An Android TV Box allows you to stream just about any movie, album, or tv show of your choice. You simply need to download a couple of channels and apps and you can have twice as much show offerings that you get with the traditional cable or satellite subscription. You can access HBO shows and made-for-tv movies with an Android TV Box. If you are one of the many people who love Netflix, then you will surely find this gadget extremely useful. Spotify also works well with it. Any Android TV Box basically makes TV- and movie-viewing easier and even more diverse.

android mirroring

  1. Mirroring

Another useful function of an Android TV Box is mirroring. You can actually mirror the screen of your phone, laptop, or any Android-based gadget on your HD TV. If you are not contended with your smartphone’s screen size, project your media on TV. You can mirror from a browser or from your gallery. You surely have something memorable or something interesting on your phone which could use a little upgrade if viewed on a high quality television, right?

android gaming

  1. Gaming

Games are rapidly becoming a major form of media content that can easily be enjoyed by just about anyone. They appeal to young and old folks alike. With an Android TV Box, you can also enjoy your favorite games and even discover more interesting apps. The free access to any app that can run on Android 4.0 gives Android TV Box to deliver numerous choice of gaming services. This gadget allows you to play anything from casual games like last year’s hit, Candy Crush Saga, to more serious games like Modern Combat. The plus side to it is that you can actually customize this device because, well, it runs Android which is known to be creative technology enthusiasts’ best friend.

If you are keen on technological trends and modern entertainment, Android TV Box will not disappoint you. Not with all of these functions that come in a very handy and relatively cheap hardware. It definitely is poised to become this year’s next big thing.

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