Pros and Cons of Cutting the Cord and Canceling Your Cable Subscription

Due to the recent economic downturn and the fact that millions of people are struggling financially right now, “cord cutting” has become more popular with each passing month. Should you follow suit and cut the cord? Below are some pros and cons to help you make up your mind…

So what does cord cutting actually mean? In a nutshell, it is the act of getting rid of expensive cable TV packages in favor of low cost subscription packages available on the internet such as Netflix, Apple TV and Hulu.


Save money

Let’s face it, traditional cable subscriptions are typically very expensive and can easily set you back a few hundred dollars a month. When the bills are piling up and you find yourself living paycheck to paycheck, you have to ask yourself the question “can I really afford to keep cable?”

This is why many people are turning their backs on cable TV and seeking out other options.

No subscription to undesired channels

For many people, having cable means paying for undesired channels that they hardly ever watch. Are you and tired of paying all that money just so you can watch a few sport and movie channels? If so, then cutting the cord may very well be the most attractive option.

Minimal advertising

It seems that the vast majority of cable channels are full of ads and commercial breaks these days, and this makes watching your favorite TV shows a real chore. Wouldn’t you like to free yourself of advertising on TV? Well, you can, and it all starts with cutting the cord and going cable free.


Not right for everybody

Ultimately, cutting the cord is not right for everybody. For example, if you lack certain technical skills and get confused by the internet easily, then exploring the range of online subscription packages might not be a good idea.

If you you feel that this is not the option for you, then it might just be a better option to stick with cable.

Bandwidth issues

There is also bandwidth issues to consider when cutting the cord and getting rid of cable. Do you currently have an internet service that will be able to deal with streaming high quality movies and TV shows on a regular basis? Perhaps you live in an area where the internet is a bit temperamental and keeps going down? These are all issues you should consider.

Certain channels are not available

If you have a particular channel that is just essential viewing such as HBO or Fox, then finding out if the channel is available on another service such as Hulu or Apple TV should be your main priority before cutting the cord.

Unfortunately, there are still many channels that are only available through cable TV, which makes getting rid of cable an option that isn’t appealing to many people.


As you can see, there are many pros and cons to cutting the cord and canceling your cable subscription. Only you can decide which is the best way forward for your own unique situation. Just make sure that you give it plenty of thought and conduct some research before coming to a final decision.

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