OpenELEC 6.0 Has Been Released

The folks over at OpenELEC have released a new version – 6.0. Lots of work has gone into this release and many people, myself included are looking forward to trying this update out. Read on for more information.

The biggest change in this version is the upgrade to Kodi 15.2 (Isengard). This brings a slew of updates on the Kodi side like better audio and video performance and features.

There are also updates to the following: ffmpeg 2.6, mesa 10.6, Xorg-1.17, libva 1.6, systemd v219, binutils 2.25, Glibc 2.22, libressl 2.1.7, LLVM-3.6 and Kernel 4.1.

Platform Changes

  • [DROPPED] Generic 32bit (i386) builds

We dropped our Generic 32bit (i386) build. The number of 32bit devices are declining and our stats system shows most 32bit Generic users have 64bit capable hardware that can be updated to the Nvidia_legacy build. Please refer to the Wiki for 32bit > 64bit migration instructions or use the forum to get support. Users with 32bit hardware can continue to use our 5.0 releases, or if they want to buy new hardware, we recommend switching to a RaspberryPi 2 or WeTek-Play.

  • [CHANGED] Generic 64bit (x86_64) builds

The Generic x86_64 build contains now the latest nVidia GPU drivers which drops support for some older nVidia GPU hardware. Supported GPUs can be found in the following list:

  • [INFO] AppleTV 32bit (i386) builds

Official OpenELEC builds for AppleTV hardware ceased at v4.2.1 but an unofficial ‘community’ v5.95.4 build with Kodi Isengard and CrystalHD support has been published by project staff member ‘chewitt’. This build is noteworthy for solving CrystalHD playback performance problems that troubled historic AppleTV builds. For more information please read here:

  • [NEW] NVidia_Legacy 64bit (x86_64) build

This 64bit build continues to use the 304.125 legacy driver to continue support for older nVidia GPUs including popular ION devices. This build contains only nVidia drivers (no Intel/AMD). Supported GPUs can be found at Please be aware that at some point in the mid-term future a driver bump will be required that drops support for ION devices.

  • [NEW] WeTek_Play ARM build

WeTek offers a new dimension of technology, innovative products and solutions with the best support. Wetek is a company dedicated to designing and manufacturing products, which will satisfy all customer needs (in the sector of Home entertainment) and contribute to a better quality life for clients.

Starting with OpenELEC-6.0 we officially support Wetek’s WeTek Play and OpenELEC’s Box ARM devices. WeTek Play is a unique TV box. With Android and/or OpenELEC, WeTek gives your TV the full potential of Internet. Certified by Google, WeTek gives you access to thousands of Android applications through Google Play. WeTek Play includes Plug and Play DVB Tuners for Satellite (Twin Tuner), Cable, Terrestrial and ATSC (depending on the model) and you have a unique experience of DVB and Multimedia in one small device.


Source: OpenELEC

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