Netflix Slamming the Banhammer on VPN Users

Netflix has tons of content, some of which is available to only specific locales because of licensing restrictions. Many people have been circumventing this for a long time, and Netflix is looking to curb it.

netflix logoGetting a VPN and setting it’s location to somewhere in the USA for example, would give you full access to the content in the USA region even if you reside outside of that country.

Movie studios are becoming wise to this, and are putting pressure on Netflix to stop this behavior. The studios are claiming that it’s hurting their licensing agreements, and that they’re unhappy with it.

Netflix has use some techniques like blocking known VPN ranges from access the services, to forcing the use of the Google DNS servers on the Android application. This doesn’t allow the user to circumvent the DNS checks Netflix does in the background.

Right now it looks like Netflix is only doing some testing, so being blocked will probably be slim to none right now as they’re probably testing out various methods.


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