Datho VPN Launches Free XBMC/Kodi VPN Plugin

The folks over at Datho VPN have been furiously coding up a VPN plugin to work with XBMC. Right now you can get a free VPN account with them to use on their new plugin.

For a better VPN on Kodi/XBMC Check out this Guide: HOW TO: Use IPVanish VPN on OpenELEC Kodi 

Last week the Datho VPN team launched a beta plugin to the Kodi community. They were looking for beta testers to try out their new XBMC plugin. Turns out it was a great success and the team has now officially launched their plugin.

Initially their plugin only supports their network, but they’re working to allow you to integrate it with any VPN provider that supports OpenVPN in the future.

Why would someone want to use a VPN on XBMC? Datho VPN explains:

  • Unlock geo-restricted video add-ons such as iPlayer, ITV and major US networks such AMC, A&E, Bravo, Comedy Central, ESPN, Food Network, etc.

  • Unlock geo-restricted music add-ons like Pandora, Spotify, etc.

  • Watch Netflix & Amazon instant video *Legal North American sports: NFL GamePass, NBA International League Pass, NHL Gamecenter, MLB.TV and more. Watch without blackout restrictions.

  • Restore access to all your blocked add-ons, web sites and apps. Some countries have recently blocked access to certain content and add-ons. A VPN connection helps evade government & ISP censorship and restores the entire Internet

  • Privacy: Enjoy XBMC’s P2P capabilities without threatening letters from your ISP. We do not keep log files. That said; our free service will likely way too slow for any good P2P streaming, but wanted to point out the benefits of a VPN for these users

With this launch comes their free tier of service. This means you only need to provide them with a name and an email and you’re on your way to using their service.

For a better VPN on Kodi/XBMC Check out this Guide: HOW TO: Use IPVanish VPN on OpenELEC Kodi 

Some notes on their free tier:

  • We currently offer 6 free servers: 3 in the US; 2 in the UK; and 1 in Japan

  • Free service is limited to a 800KB/s transfer speed, but usage is currently unlimited

  • Depending on usage, bandwidth restrictions may be implemented in the immediate future

  • If all servers are currently at, or near full capacity, you will notice delays & buffering in your service. If this happens, please try again when the network is less congested.

  • You will not be able to stream in HD with our service, it is more than enough for a quality SD video stream, or for music services such as Pandora, Spotify, etc

Their add-on can be downloaded directly from their repo or from their web site. Instructions for installing their add-on (additional free software may be required) can also be found on their web site.

Something to keep in mind if you’re thinking about trying this out – Support for Mac will be added in the immediate future. Unfortunately, this add-on does not support iOS, nor does it work on the Amazon FireTV.



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Remember to use your IPVanish VPN with Kodi!

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