UltraViolet Accounts Extends To Over 19 Million, Up 2 Million From April

More and more consumers are taking an interest in movie-related cloud-based storage, with over 19 million people signing up with UltraViolet accounts. This is an increase of two million from April’s 17 million accounts.

DECE GM Mark Teitell spoke during the ESCA Digital Europe confab in London revealed that there were 1.4 million UV accounts registered in the United Kingdom, which holds over five million access privileges to the digital content.

At the conclusion of 2013, there were nearly 1.2 million registered U.K. accounts even though the British Video Association had no official promotion. Several Internet reports claim there are roughly 160,000 registered accounts on UV in three countries: Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Teitell said the U.K.’s UltraViolet growth is due in part to three key merchants set to develop UV-compatible platforms. He said the number of U.K. accounts is increasing even faster than the United States although little promotion has been given and there has been no independent merchant to launch it. Teitell said word of mouth consistent packaging has led to its increase in use.

The NPD Group said UV users were 11 times more likely, as compared to non-UV users to have done an electronic sell-through purchase. And, they were four times more likely to use a connected streaming media device such as a Blu-Ray Disc player.

Teitell said due to UV signup, over a quarter of respondents are purchasing additional content, with 10 percent making additional digital purchases with a third saying that would probably purchase digital material.

He said the two most used services by UV users is iTunes and Wal-Mart’s Vudu.com. Wal-Mart was the leader in offering disc-to-digital functionality, allowing owners of media to attain access to a digital, cloud-stored version, for a small fee. Teitell said home entertainment consumers, who are also UV users, are extremely likely to use Vudu.

NPD said more than 60 percent watch UV material on TV, over 70 percent of UV users using a laptop/computer and 60 percent users using a tablet.

NPD Industry Analysis Director Justin Bailey said are ownership of connected devices continues to rise, UV‘s role in the supporting of device interoperability will continue.


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