Top 5 Fire TV Apps 2015

Are you ready to squeeze in some incredible apps into your tiny but powerful FireTV? Which apps should you begin with?

You should definitely start with the best! Here are the top 5 FireTV Apps you cannot miss having:

  1. HBO Go

If you already have a subscription to HBO via cable or satellite, then download HBO Go to your FireTV now! HBO movies and shows are now available to FireTV owners via AmazonPrime. With this app, you get to watch back seasons and up-to-date episodes of your favorite HBO shows as well as other documentaries and movies. You can watch your TV show of choice real-time or you can save it to watch later.

  1. AllCast

Aside from watching TV shows and movies, you can also use your FireTV to mirror videos and music from your Android device to your HD television. This is possible through AllCast. Having this app on your device will allow you to maximize your television’s capacity by viewing your phone images and videos on a high-quality screen.

  1. The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

You can project images and videos to your TV. You can stream your favorite movies. You can also play games on your FireTV. And one of the best game apps you can have on your FireTV is The Walking Dead. If you are a fan of the series of the same name, then you will surely enjoy this game because it is set in the same universe. If you are not particularly fond of the TV series, do not worry because you can still enjoy this game. Its gameplay largely revolves around smart decision-making. And if its numerous Game of the Year Awards do not interest you, then it must be really hard to please, buddy.

  1. Minecraft Pocket Edition

Minecraft is a classic. The gaming world will agree to that. That is why Minecraft Pocket Edition is a good addition to your FireTV apps. Do not let boredom get into you by immersing yourself in some Minecraft adventures and letting your creative juices flow by crafting block architectures. With this pocket edition, you get to choose between survival and creative mode and can even play with friends over a WiFi network. If anything, the infinite world that Minecraft Pocket Edition offers is just a plus.

  1. RetroArch

Of course if you want to use your FireTV as a gaming gadget, you would not want to limit yourself, right? That is why you should definitely have an emulator app on it. One of the highly recommended emulator app for FireTV is RetroArch. It is open source therefore if you have an inner geek, you will enjoy customizing it. It is also mult-platform so you will definitely have a wide range of games to play. With a support for 18 platforms in total, you will surely get the best emulator with RetroArch.

Add more potential to your FireTV’s portability. Make sure to have these top five apps to ensure that you get the most out of the FireTV experience.

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