Tom DeLonge Not A Fan Of Streaming Music Services

Tom DeLonge of Blink-182 said he is not a big fan of downloading and streaming music. He even likened the practice of getting music – for free – with people condoning the Chinese killing elephants.

Although his band’s music is available to listen to on Spotify, DeLonge recently said streaming music is similar to killing elephants for their tasks and carving ivory statutes. He said it may be cool to do, but if people were to really think about what they were doing, it would suck. He said streaming music is similar to what the Chinese are doing to the elephant. It may not be killing them directly but that the practice is significantly hurting the industry.

He said sure, someone may like a particular piece of music but they have no idea what effect this really has on the artists. Artists have to value their art, DeLonge said.

DeLonge is certainly not the only artists to come out against music streaming. Not long ago, Taylor Swift removed her entire music collection – including her new album 1989 – from Spotify. Swift said she did not believe Spotify and other similar sites valued the art that musicians put into their albums because it allowed their fans to listen to the music for free.

DeLonge is set to release a new album Dec. 9 with Angels & Airwaves called “The Dream Walker”. It’s also been reported that Blink-182 is going back into the studio to work on another album. During the summer, the band headlined with Reading & Leeds. If the band is going to record another album, it’ll be the seventh-studio effort since it released the 2011 “Neighborhoods” album. It’ll also be Blink-182’s first full-length album since they cut ties with Interscope.

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