TiVo Bolt 500GB Entertainment System Review

As the Internet has truly transformed the world, cable television has gone through a major transformation. More and more consumers have embraced the idea of streaming their content directly to their computers and television screens. This can deliver a satisfying experience, while also allowing the user to save an abundance of money. Of course, this would not be possible, without a reliable streaming media player. Within this comprehensive review, you’ll learn about the TiVo Bolt. Is this the best streaming player on the market? You’ll be able to make that determination for yourself, after reading the information below.

tivo bolt 2Recording Content

Although the TiVo is a media player, it offers additional functionality. The device can be utilized to record content from your HD antenna or your cable. The box comes in two individual varieties. One offers 500GB of hard drive space, while the more expensive model offers 1TB. Either option should be enough to satisfy the needs of most individuals and the majority of households. With the TiVo Bolt, it is possible to record up to four shows, at any given time. This gives the user the ability to watch all of their favorite television shows and movies at nearly any point in time.

Access To Digital Content

Aside from being able to access recorded content, the user will also be able to use the TiVo Bolt to access a massive amount of digital content on demand. If you’re a Netflix or Amazon Prime subscriber, you will be able to use this media player to access all of shows available on these platforms. The box can also access Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and a variety of other services. Even if you have nothing recorded to the TiVo, you will always be able to use the media player to find something worth watching.

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Skip Mode

There is an unlimited array of benefits that one will receive, when investing in the TiVo Bolt. The benefit that stands out above the rest is the skip mode feature, which offers users the option of skipping commercial ads. If you are not a fan of commercial breaks, you will definitely appreciate this option. Just press the skip mode button and watch your videos from beginning to end, without commercial interruptions. What else could you ask for?

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Quick Mode

One of the most intriguing features of the TiVo Bolt is the QuickMode. With this feature, the user will be able to watch their recorded television shows 30% faster than normal. When utilizing this mode, the audio will remain perfectly synced. This makes it possible for you to get caught up on the news or your favorite broadcasts, without painstakingly sitting through the entirety of the program.

TiVo Mini Compatible

Although the TiVo service is slightly expensive, users can make up for the cost, by investing in a few TiVo Minis. With these additional boxes, you will be able to access the features of the TiVo Bolt in up to 7 rooms in your home. The best aspect of all is that the price remains the same, so the TiVo can really be a cost saving solution, at the end of the day.

Wi-Fi Technologytivo bolt 1

The TiVo Bolt is different than other brands, in that it is integrated with Wi-Fi Technology. This will offer understandably better connectivity, without interference from other electronic devices running simultaneously. Never will you experience lag time or connection interferences, when you are binge-watching you’re an entire television series.

Of course, please note that it requires a broadband Internet connection to access any and all streaming content. The user will also need valid membership with all streaming service providers, in order to access their content.  


  • Offers access to an abundance of content, including Amazon Prime and Netflix
  • Skip Mode and Quick Mode are definitely convenient and can enhance the viewing experience
  • Compatible with the TiVo Mini, so it can be used with additional televisions
  • 500GB or 1TB space options are truly plentiful
  • 4K compatible and capable of delivering amazing picture quality
  • Works with most cable services and HD antennas


  • Can become expensive over a period of time
  • Boot time could be quicker

Overall Assessment

When it comes down to it, the TiVo Bolt may not be the most affordable solution on the market, but it more than makes up for the price hike with additional features and an impressive performance. If you’re determined to keep your cable subscription, but also want to gain access to streaming content, the TiVo Bolt could be the best product for you!

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