Tidal Works With Meridian To Bring High-Bitrate Music Streaming


CD Quality Music Streaming Service Tidal is working alongside Meridian using the Master Quality Authenticated (MQA) technology to create a high-bitrate streaming service that will launch a little later in the year.

Tidal’s Strategic Partnership Manager Pal Bratelund confirmed the move, saying the company was already working alongside Meridian to use MQA. This will let the company provide a more effective package of high-bitrate music files, allowing them to be streamed without taking up a large amount of bandwidth.  This used to be the bane to high-bitrate music streaming services.

Bratelund said the technology is finally available, and today, it’s about securing content rights for the high-resolution music. This is whole new game from the Red Book CD quality, he said.

How much will the high-res streaming service cost users? The price is still being negotiated. It’s believed that the lossless CD streaming will see a price drop and that the high-bitrate service will cost a little more than that.

Bratelund said the industry doesn’t think they’ll see a doubling in the price – currently, it’s £20 a month for CD streaming. Still, it’ll be a great offering, he said.

Bratelund said Tidal has a number of partnerships with hardware manufacturers like:

  • Bluesound
  • Linn
  • Logitech
  • McIntosh
  • Meridian
  • Simple Audio
  • Sonos – This is still in the beta stage
  • Wadia

Earlier this month, Meridian included Tidal streaming to the Sooloss system, with Linn doing the same thing for DS network players.

Meridian MQA has been recognized for its impact on providing high-bitrate streaming to the market.

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