Survey: Streaming TV’s Future Only Going To Get Better

You may have already heard the news that streaming TV is a good way to go if you’re tired of paying for high cable or satellite prices.  And, it appears that more people are turning to streaming services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon to get their TV fix. It also appears that the more people to do this is only going to grow.

Research company GIK MRI conducted a survey that showed that 28 percent of people watch TV solely through digital streaming.  This survey certainly reveals that people can’t get enough Netflix and other streaming services. It means that more than a quarter of folks imbibe on TV through their Internet connection.

The survey showed that 41 percent polled fell into the “Digital Enthusiasts” category, meaning they use three streaming TV options along with a satellite or cable subscription.  Some networks have begun using Facebook to preview new series before they hit the TV channels.  This trend is likely to only increase with time. Combine that with more networks opting to release a standalone streaming service for themselves – HBO, Showtime and CBS.

Christie Kawada, GfK MRI’s executive vice president of Product Management, said the study shows how TV is currently being watched. She also said that it’s come up with an entire different meaning with various approaches that combine both traditional viewing platforms with streaming.

Kawada said it’s a new kind of video ecosystem where live TV and online video coincide with conventional cable offerings, live TV digital streaming and apps. She said many digitally-smart viewers still like the time-honored TV experiences such as second-screen experiences and social viewing, which is why linear viewing is still strong in the digital world.

Of course, 72 percent is larger than 28 percent but the numbers have to be stronger if they are to survive the onslaught of Netflix’s originals. Two years ago. Netflix Originals was just starting out and networks had still to get on the digital bandwagon. And, streaming’s future is strong, as more people opt for Netflix, Hulu and other methods to get their television viewing.

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