Super Bowl Internet Streaming Surpasses 1.3M  

1.3 million people… that’s how many folks watched the Super Bowl through the Internet, streamed onto their computers, tablets and more.   It’s a stat that can be taken one of two ways:

  • There is no doubt that streaming services are converting folks every day. After all, 1.3 million viewers is the most ever for the Super Bowl.
  • But, television distribution is still top-dog. When it comes to the Super Bowl, people will watch it on a big screen if they can, using a satellite or cable provider. However, if they have to, they’ll use a streaming service to watch the big game.

More people are streaming programming of all kinds – live sporting events being included. This phenomenon is going to continue for years, especially if the Super Bowl broadcaster CBS opts to make the big game available through streaming again. And, if they do, it’s liable to break the 2015 streaming record.

When Fox offered a live stream service for the big game, it had 1.1 million viewers – on average 528,000 average viewers per minute. The average streaming viewership number for NBC has not been released yet.

Still, 1.3 million Internet streamers for the big game is just 1/100th of all Super Bowl viewing in the U.S. Ratings for the big game exceeded 114 million – Neilson doesn’t count viewing parties, restaurants, bars and out-of-home locations, which means it will actually undercount the number of people who watched the game.

The biggest issue Internet streamers had were the blacking out of some commercials. NBC had separately sold these ad slots for both TV and web, for less money since less people were likely to watch it on the Internet. Some advertisers had a package deal where their ad showed up in both.

Another issue was the app crashed and needed to be rebooted.   However, there were some streamers that complained there was a some lagging between the web stream and the TV broadcast, which resulted in spoilers on Facebook and Twitter when teams scored.

Other than that, there were no huge issues with the live stream; a big thing considering the stakes associated with the Super Bowl.

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