Streaming Video Alliance Group Looks To Improve Consumer Video Experience

More than 15 key pay TV operators, equipment vendors and content providers have come together to develop a new industry group that will confront head-on some issues that trouble the delivery of Internet video to consumers.

Streaming Video Alliance (SVA) is looking to better online video delivery by dealing with the delivery system from one end to the other end. The group, in its initial statement, said it looks to help in the development of architecture, best practices and standards that will help with improving efficiency for every provider and provide balance to infrastructure… all while ensuring consumers still get the best-quality experience.

SVA said it’s key beginning focus is going to be on creating open architecture to deliver on-demand and live Internet video, creating benchmarks to measure and optimize streaming video quality and develop standards to ensure product performance and interoperability.  It then plans to put its attention on the other streaming video issues.

Frost & Sullivan principal analyst Dan Rayburn informally took charge of the efforts and promoted its goals. Rayburn said the SVA can lengthen its handling to other issues like 4K video streaming and encoding.  He is Streaming’s executive vice president as well as one of the group’s founding members.

SVA said it doesn’t plan on becoming a tech standards group for the ever-rapid growing streaming media industry. And, it doesn’t want to get into politics such as the recent hailstorm that unleased under President Obama’s suggested idea of net neutrality rules for Internet broadband services.

Some founding members of the group include:

  • Comcast Corp.
  • Yahoo Inc.
  • Level 3 Communications Inc.
  • Fox Networks Group
  • Charter Communications Inc.
  • Liberty Global Inc.

However, three established content providers are not a part of the group Netflix Inc., YouTube Inc. and Hulu LLC.

Rayburn said there will be other SVA members announced in 2015. He said there are many vendors who want to take part in the efforts. In the beginning, the group didn’t come together because it wanted to be more service-provider centric than vendor-centric.

Rayburn said other groups are vendors talking to vendors, where the SVA wants everybody involved. He said the SVA could have more than two dozen members by the end of 2015.


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