Stream – An XBMCtorrent Fork – Updated to Version 1.4.4

I previously wrote about Stream, and it’s been one of my most popular posts to date. I’m glad to tell you that there is an update. 

NOTE: Before you read any further I urge you to look into Pulsar, a much better, updated version of XBMCtorrent/Stream. More info here: HOW TO: Setup and Install Pulsar on XBMC/Kodi – An XBMCtorrent Alternative

stream iconStream, which is a fork of the popular XBMCtorrent, in my opinion, is much better than XBMCtorrent. The developer forked it, and fixed everything that was wrong with it, and added in some features that everyone was asking about. I wrote a How To on getting started with Stream, which goes over how to install it. I’ll also go over how to set it up in this post as well.

First off, you’re going to want to uninstall and completely remove any trace of your current Stream install. We don’t want to have any issues when it comes to upgrading.

Next, lets grab the latest version from github: That zip file is the latest version bundled up nicely in a .zip container.

After you have that downloaded, rename the zip file to, and put it somewhere that you can traverse to within XBMC, and install it.

Once you install it you should be greeted with the same interface with some improvements.

Looking for a HTPC to run this on? Take a look at the HomeMediaTech Budget HTPC Builds. I give you a blueprint to building your own!

Change log:

  • SOCKS5 Proxy support
  • Metadata Language selection
  • New logo
  • Auto-updating
  • And plenty of backend upgrades!

There are some RC (release candidate) versions out there if you need them. They fix some issues with Android, so if you’re running this on an Android device and having issues, go here: and grab one of the RC pre-releases.

I hope that helps! I just wanted to make sure everyone is aware of the update.

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