StableBit DrivePool 2 Year Review

I’ve been using StableBit DrivePool on my homeserver to do the pooling duties for two years now. I’m extremely impressed with this software solution to pooling drives. Below I go over a quick review and my overall impressions.

When I decided to move to Windows Home Server 2011, I needed to choose a suitable drivepooling software because Microsoft decided to remove theirs. I finally decided on choosing StableBit Drivepool. At the time there were about 2-3 others but the community around this software, and the developers were all active. I’d like to point out that I’m using the older 1.3.x version, not the newest 2.0.x version.

Drivepool offers all the tools I need to pool all my hard drives into one usable NTFS volume. It’s extremely easy to use and very user friendly. Adding and removing drives is achieved in a few clicks. One thing I really like is the ‘landing drive’ addon that allows you to choose a very fast drive to act as a ‘landing spot’ for new data being sent to the pool. I have a 120GB SSD setup to use this, so when I transfer files over the network to my homeserver, it easily maxes out the gbit connection. This is all done behind the scenes as well. It looks like you’re just transferring files to a directory, but really gets placed on to the SSD. You can then setup rules as to when you want the data to be sent from the landing spot, to designated ‘Archive’ disks.

Support has been fantastic. I had a couple questions before I bought it, and needed some help after purchasing and it was very pleasant. The wait times for responses were below 24 hours, and I always got a well formed response. There were no ‘yes’ or ‘no’ emails being sent from them.

As for stability, the Drivepool software has been rock solid. It’s never crashed or caused any errors in the two years I’ve been using it. It’s sat there quietly doing its drivepooling magic.

I just wanted to write this to say great work to the Stablebit developers and that they’ve really created a great piece of software.

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