Sling TV: What You Should Know About The Newest Online Streaming Video Service  

Many people would love to forgo cable or satellite TV due to the high bills associated with them. But, often stick with it because they don’t think they can get the content they want through the Internet or by antenna. One of the biggest inabilities to get in content is live sports.

However, Sling TV, a new streaming service with its basic package starting at $20 per month, is aimed at getting those would-be cord cutters to do the deed. This package includes ESPN, Food Network, Disney Channel and a host of other networks.

Is Sling TV worth it?

This is considered an over-the-top service, which is similar to Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, but is dealing with live TV. It airs programs as they’re being broadcasting, instead of next day or in a few months. Some shows can be re-wound and played again and some older programs can be gotten on demand.

Besides the $20 package, there are three add-on packages for $5 a piece: sports, children’s programs, and news and lifestyle programming. And, there’s no contract involved, rental costs or fees involved. The service can be stopped and started at any time.

In the basic $20 package, the following channels are or will be added to the package:

  • ABC Family, AMC, Cartoon Network, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN, ESPN 2, Food Network, HGTV, TBS, TNT, and Travel Channel

The three add-on packages include an array of channels like Boomerang, Disney XD, HLN, Cooking Channel, Universal Sports, SEC Network and ESPN Goal Line, to name a few.

As it currently stands, no major networks – ABC, Fox, NBC and CBS – would increase the cost of the basic package. Sling TV has noted it may provide an upgrade package that could include these networks. However, other services like Hulu, do offer content from these networks. People can also use an antenna to see these networks.

Sling TV does have commercials, as it’s shown when the programming is being aired on the network. As it currently stands, there’s no real way to record the shows. At the moment, previous seasons and older shows are still spotty but will improve as time passes. A small amount of movies will be offered on the service, but pricing and timing as yet to be announced.

Sling TV can be found on various apps for Mac and Windows computers, iOS and Android mobile devices and many set-top boxes – Fire TV stick, Amazon Fire TV, Roku Streaming Stick and Roku 3. The Roku app will also run on Roku TVs. LG has plans to include an app for its webOS smart TVs, with other smart TV apps to follow.

As it currently stands, Sling TV can only be watched on one device for every subscription. There are no discounts or family plans for viewing on more than one device, at this time.  This may change due to multi-stream agreements with some content providers that Sling TV has.

Sling TV does have a bundle deal with both Roku and Amazon. If subscribers commit for three months to Sling TV, they’ll either get $50 off a Roku 3 or Amazon TV set-top box or free Roku Streaming Stick or Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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