Showtime Now Available On Sony, Apple and Roku Devices

Showtime-logoIf you like Homeland but can’t stand our cable/satellite company, then you’ll be glad to find that Showtime can be attained without any pay-TV service via Apple devices, Sony’s Playstation Vue and Roku.

The Showtime service, which doesn’t have a “cool name”, is on the heels of HBO’s HBO Now. HBO Now is a standalone service that launched in April Showtime’s service is $10.99 a month, cheaper than HBO’s $14.99 a month service. And, you can also test the service out for 30 days before you make a commitment.

The service is also being offered on Hulu for $8.99 (on top of the $7.99 price people pay for the Hulu subscription).  Cord-cutters who want Showtime can watch on-demand programming or watch East or West Coast streaming as they air. People interested in Showtime don’t have to sign a contract.

HBO is generally regarded as the better of the two premium channels, mainly due to the Game of Thrones series.  However, it’s Showtime’s lower prices that catches people’s attention.  The competition may make things less expensive for viewers a little later.

Consumers get rid of the contracts when they cut the cord but they may not end up with a bargain, especially if the add together the prices of Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Sling TV, HBO Now and Showtime.
Showtime’s launch actually is ahead of the originally-announced release date of July 12, which was coincided with the network’s summer premiers of Masters of Sex and Ray Donovan..

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