Nickelodeon Will Have A Streaming Service To Offer Network Kid Programs

Viacom, the parent of Nickelodeon, is looking to start a subscription service that will offer its kids shows to consumers without a pay TV service.

There are limited details about this new service but the new Nickelodeon service is geared towards both parents and children, and the ever-rapidly growing mobile market. Although the network is for children, the movement toward a stand-alone service is more than just a kid’s play toy.

Nickelodeon_logoAccording to Wall Street Journal Senior Editor Mike Shields, people keep cable or satellite service because of two things: kids and sports. Therefore, Nickelodeon offering this kind of service would be big news.

Kids programming is important to the future of Hulu, Netflix, Amazon and every other streaming service. That’s why Viacom as developed a strategy to have content for all ages including youngsters.

But, what Nickelodeon is going to offer in terms of content is not full known. After all, Amazon does provide some of its shows like Blue’s Clues, Team Umizoomi. However, Netflix is creating its own content for children at no additional cost for viewers.

This new service means Nickelodeon becomes another part in the fast growing trend that is hedging their bets on television’s future – provide digital service as well as traditional TV.

For instance, HBO announced it would start selling subscriptions through the Internet at some point in 2015.

Viacom said its mission hasn’t changed, which is to come up with entertaining programming.

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