Nickelodeon Offers “Noggin” Service For Preschoolers

Nickelodeon has taken its first steps toward subscription video streaming. However, it’s not the kind of service that people had anticipated.

Nickelodeon’s “Noggin” service is going to be aimed solely at preschoolers, and will offer ad-free shows such as “Kai-lan”, “Little Bear” and “Blue’s Clues”. It will also have educational videos, music videos and activities.

Noggin will launch March 5 and cost $5.99 a month, and is only available – right now – on the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Nick is in talks with TV providers about offering its service as a premium offer for subscribers. However, no word on if the service will be offered on streaming set-top boxes or smart TVs.

Nickelodeon already dabbles in streaming video. In fact, free episodes of its shows can be watched using the Nick and Nick Jr. apps for Android and iOS. Satellite and cable subscribers have additional access to free episodes by logging into it.

The network, last month, said it was thinking about adding a subscription service for mobile devices. It appeared that Nick was trying to break away from the bundled TV subscriptions, a move that many other networks have made in an effort to attract people without a pay-TV subscription.

Noggin should be considered a baby step to a bigger offer… down the road perhaps!

Ignoring the cord-cutting consequences, Noggin could rival other services Netflix’s Kids section and Amazon FreeTime. It may also need to compete with the recently offered YouTube’s new Kids app. There is no subscription cost for that service but will have advertising.

All in all, it’s wonderful news for parents, who want more options and control over what content their children watch.

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