Netflix Streaming Service Is King For Australians

Three months after its release, it appears Netflix is reigning supreme in Australia.

According to the latest information from Roy Morgan Research, Netflix is leading in subscribers numbers. It’s the first key survey since the American streaming giant launched in March. It’s estimated that its subscribers’ numbers has exceeded one million (1.039 million).

Foxtel’s Presto is Netflix’s closest rival with 97,000 subscribers. Both Fairfax’s Stan and Nine come in third with 91,000 and Quickflix, which is struggling to gain some foothold in the country, has a mere 43,000 subscribers.

The survey had a representative sample of more than 2,000 Australians over the age of 14 to estimate the numbers.

According to the survey, Foxtel still leads when it comes to paid television service in the country with more than five people being subscribed to the service.  It also noted that nearly half of subscribers with Presto, Quickflix and Stan have subscribed to Netflix, would means they may be taken advantage of the services’ free trial option.

Tim Martin, Roy Morgan media general manager, said it may not be an either-or situation. When different content becomes available, Australians may choose to subscribe to more than one streaming video on demand services, going from Netflix to watch “Orange is the New Black” to Stan to watch “Better Call Saul.

Martin said with new data coming in each month from more than 2,000 Australians, they’ll be able to track and understand better just how these services are impact the country’s media industry.

Last month, Stan had made the announcement that it had 200,000 paying and non-paying subscribers, which is more than double what the Roy Morgan survey estimated it had.


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