MLB.TV for PS4 (Plus Ad-free time) Setup and Review


MLB.TV for PS4

This is the view from the main menu when the app starts. When you choose a game you’re presented with the home or away live feed.

MLB.TV for PS4

When you choose a feed, you’re thrown into the game. This is what it looks like with the scorecard, and the legend of what’s happened. The icons represent hits, runs, etc.

MLB.TV for PS4

This is the schedule overlay. From the previous image you can choose to look at the schedule of any team. The game plays live in the background.

MLB.TV for PS4

Another in game image. I clicked a button on the controller to bring up the scorecard.

MLB.TV for PS4

Image from the game normally, without the scorecard overlay. Image quality is very good! It sometimes kicks down to the lower quality but not for long usually.


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