MLB.TV for PS4 (Plus Ad-free time) Setup and Review

I love baseball, and when I found out the MLB.TV app was coming to PS4 I downloaded it immediately. Pair that with Ad-free time and you have an amazing setup that allows you to watch games that would normally be blacked out. Read on to see my thoughts and some images of the interface.

Ad-free time (AFT) is cheaper than Unblock-us and a lot of people seem to find that when enabling unblock-us, your web browsing seems to slow down. This is probably due to the fact that the DNS servers there can’t handle the traffic. AFT is both cheaper and I have noticed zero slow down while it’s been setup on my router.


I’ve setup AFT on my router, which means that any devices on my network will use the AFT DNS servers. My PS4 grabbed the info no problem, it was painless and quick. If it’s not working you can always specify the DNS servers in the network config on the PS4.

Installing the MLB.TV app is very easy. It’s just like any other app in the store. It was in some sort of featured area when I installed it because it was brand new. You may need to look through the app section in order to find it. After you have installed it, you will need to enter in your MLB.TV login credentials. Once that is entered in, you’re set. Nothing else needs to be setup from here on out.


Please excuse the… somewhat bad photos of the interface. These were taken with my cell phone of the TV in the dark. I don’t have any way to take better screenshots at the moment so this will have to do!

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