“JonVoyage” Month-Long Event To Celebrate Jon Stewart’s Career

Jon Stewart is leaving the Daily Show, and Comedy Central is bidding him goodbye by streaming all of the episodes online.

The stream dubbed “JonVoyage” will start with the premiere and be available on a multitude of platforms.  It starts from his first show, which began Jan. 11, 1999 and continues until his final episode set for Aug. 6.  It will be a month-long continuous Internet stream that starts at Noon ET June 26, containing about 2,000 episodes. All in all, it’ll last 42 days.

Sirius XM’s Comedy Central Radio will start airing the stream Aug. 1 until Aug. 3. The weekend event also called JonVoyage can be accessed through smartphones with the SiriusXM App.

On Aug. 2, Comedy Central will hold a 60-minute primetime special called “News Your Own Adventure. This special will have an array of fan favorites clips and segments. “The Daily Show” is producing this special and is set to be hosted by correspondents Jessica Williams, Hasan Minhaj and Jordan Klepper.

Stewart made the announcement in February that he would be stepping down from “The Daily Show”, which he’s been a host of for 16 years.  Trevor Noah, a “Daily Show” contributor and South African comedian, is set to fill the satiric shoes on Sept. 28.

In May, viewers and CBS said goodbye to famous and popular late-night host David Letterman. During his last days as the host for the “Late Show”, Letterman had an array specials, celebrations and surprise guests.



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