Hulu and Showtime Partner To Offer Network Programming On Streaming Service

Hulu has announced a partnership with Showtime, which will make the channel’s streaming service available to all Hulu customers.

It’ll be the first time Hulu has provided its uses with a network’s premium content selection. Until this confirmation, the streaming service provided users with an array of shows from five of the six largest U.S. networks as well as its own shows.

hulu logoShowtime has made several announcements about its content and how it’ll be available such as making it available on Roku streaming and Apple devices. It’s looking at other ways to offer its content. A partnership with Hulu is huge because Hulu’s app is available on an array of devices including phones, TV, tablets, gaming systems etc.

Matt Blank, Showtime’s CEO, said Hulu allows the network to reach out to more people who have a broadband service and expand the service across new distributors and platforms.

Hulu subscribers can include the Showtime service on their subscription for just $8.99 a month on top of the streaming service’s monthly $7.99 charge for the basic subscription. This is much cheaper than Showtime’s other programming avenues, which run around $11 a month. This means Hulu is subsidizing the price to lure in customers.

Mike Hopkins, CEO of Hulu, said the company is always looking for ways to give its subscriber base the best possible content.  Showtime’s large array of original programming, specials and movies along with the streaming service’s strength during the current season programming, original programming and library acquisitions will make it even more of a force to be reckoned with.

This deal could be the foundation of similar deals, as there are an array of streaming service offered to people who want it.  People who want to subscribe to multiple networks could find this offering an easy way to manage subscriptions.

With a Hulu subscription, networks can increase their user base without putting forth a lot of money or effort into their software development and advertising.

It’s not known if Hulu has deals in the works with other services but it’s possible that other deals could come about. Since its got a large user database and is a great website, it’s foreseeable that future add-ons would be easy for Hulu to accommodate.

The official Showtime launch date on Hulu is July 12.


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