HOW TO: Watch Music Videos on XBMC Using VEVO TV Addon – Step By Step Guide

XBMC is great for streaming audio from your personal collection. Taking it one step further, it’s quite easy to stream music videos using XBMC. I’m going to be detailing how you can easily setup and stream music videos using your XBMC HTPC. Follow along in this step by step guide and you will be up and running with HD music videos in a few minutes.

The best way to do this is using a plugin that ties into VEVO and VEVO TV. There is a great addon created by a user that goes by the name AddonScriptorDE. He’s created an addon called VEVO TV.

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His repo is here: Go to Downloads tab and then download the zip file.

addonscriptorde repo image

Install the addon by going to System -> Settings

Then click on Add-ons

Click on Install from Zip File

Now you will need to traverse to where you saved the zip file, and either click on it, or press ok

It will now install the repo, and it will tell you in the bottom right if it was successful, you will see the following

Now click on Get Add-ons

Go to the AddonScriptorDE repo and open up the context menu. In windows this is right click, or press the C button. This will be different if you are using a remote. Click on Force Refresh

After you press Force Refresh you can click on the repo link. Once you get in there, click on Video Add-ons

Now scroll down, and you will see VEVO TV. Click on it.

This will now bring you to the page where you can view the details. Click on Install

Looking for a HTPC to run this on? Take a look at the HomeMediaTech Budget HTPC Builds. I give you a blueprint to building your own!

Wait for it to download and install, and you will hopefully see it will be successfully enabled and ready to use.

Now click Home, or go to the main XBMC menu

Go to Videos -> Add-ons

Now click on VEVO TV

Once you click on VEVO TV, you will be taken to the following. There are two different ways to watch music videos. In the red square you will be taken to the “Live” music video streams. These play continuously and you cannot skip through videos. They just play in a random order, much like a real TV channel. If you click on anything in the blue square you will be taken to a list of genres of music, and then from there you will be able to pick more more options. From this choice you will be able to skip through music videos you do not like.

If you choose one of the above choices in red (VEVO TV …etc) you will be thrown into a music video

If you choose one of the choices in blue (Custom.. etc) you will then be taken to the genre list

And then once you choose a genre you will be able to choose the amount of videos in the playlist, and what sort of playlist it is

From there you will be tossed into a music video. You can skip through them if you want to.

You can also create your own playlists by adding in Artists but I have found this to be clunky and time consuming if you don’t have a keyboard.

I hope you have found this informative and helpful. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments in the comment section below.

Thank you



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