How People Can Save Money On Internet Service When They Cut The Cord

When it comes to cutting the cord – getting rid of cable or satellite TV service – and still being able to watch the latest episodes of “Grey’s Anatomy”, “House of Cards” or “Blacklist”, you need an Internet connection.  The savings you get from getting rid of those services could come back to you in the form of web connectivity.

Consumers are paying about $50 a month for their broadband connection – in times past, this was just $40. However, the costs of connectivity can range anywhere from $10 to $120, usually dependent upon whether or not the service is bundled, is an introductory rate and the speed for connectivity.

Kim Komando, the host of a national radio talk show on computers and technology for over 20 years, said if consumers are to reduce their Internet costs, they need to understand what it is they’re paying for right now. Most people don’t understand it because their bills consist of bundled pricing and fees.

Komando said it’s important people look at the entire Internet package from A to Z.  She said people need to be on the lookout for: speed surcharges, equipment charges and base price. If a person doesn’t understand their bill, they need to call.

A great way to save $5 to $10 a month is to buy a modem/router combo device – usually runs around $50 to $100.

Another way to save is to control the speed.  Standalone Internet service, according to the Federal Communications Commission, is about 10 to 25 megabits per second – the standard Internet service for most families that stream video. However, many people choose even higher speeds, meaning they pay more for what they actually needs or don’t get what they expect due to home wiring not being able to deliver those speeds.

Andrea Woroch, a savings expert, said it all boils down to not paying more in speed than a family actually needs.  Big cable and DSL providers often offer low on basic Internet connection. However, being able to stream movies or play online video games is nearly impossible with this kind of speed.

Komando said once people know what their connection’s speed is actually like based on what they’re paying for, they can go back to their Internet provider and get an adjustment.  If this fails, they can always find an alternative service provider.  If a cheaper plan is found, the current provider may match that.  If they balk at that idea, the cancellation department may swing it to where they will match it just to keep the consumer.

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