HBO Is Going After Cord Cutters Loyalty With HBO Go

HBO, with its standalone HBO Go set for launch in 2015, is looking to attain the loyalty of cord cutters.  HBO’s chairman and CEO Richard Plepler said the company is going after 10 to 15 million cord cutters.  However, to get their attention, the company will need to tread lightly.

HBO, which is owned by Time Warner Inc., is looking to attain as many subscribers as it can. However, it still needs to keep satellite and cable providers happy with the deliverance of its service through broadband Internet to millions of U.S. households.

Plelper said the distributors are the ones who control the U.S. broadband pipeline. If someone wants a broadband-only product, they’re the largest low-hanging fruit available.

Comcast, last year, started providing Internet plus, a cable package that provides an Internet subscription that includes HBO and local television channels for $50 a month.  While it was certainly a start, the package still contained the HBO package that needed a television subscription.

HBO said the company has around 30 million subscribers – nine million of those subscribers are registered for its present form of HBO Go Service. This service is available to the company’s cable subscribers on their mobile device and TVs.

While the HBO Go service is the company’s first attempt at service unbundling in the United States, it’s, by no means, not the first standalone HBO service it’s provided.  HBO Nordic is offered overseas and includes shows that are in demand in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

The company is not sure when the standalone streaming service will take effect, but it’s looking more at its long-term goals of attaining 10 to 15 million broadband-only subscribers.

Pleper said there are currently 80 million households that don’t subscribe to HBO and the company is going to do everything it can to gain their attention and business.


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