Hard Drive Preventing Computer From Booting? 5 Solutions

Are you on a hunt for ways that can help you eliminate the hard drive preventing computer from booting error messages? This error message usually appears when you start your computer, but the device sometimes fails to boot.

Some users have reported that they saw an error message with a black screen. This message states, ‘Disk Boot Failure, Insert System Disk & Press Enter’. In this guide, we will try to cover the possible ways to repair your hard drive and ensure successful booting.

Disk Boot Failure and Its Signs

An error that doesn’t allow windows to properly load on a computer is a disk boot failure. While booting a device, you may get this error message which states that there might be some hardware or software issue. It happens when a driver has a CD during the booting process.

Bad sectors, strange noises, overheating, BSoD errors, and device inability to boot are basic signs of HDD physical failure. Unexpected system crashes, regular error messages, corrupted files, and changed file or folder names are symptoms of HDD logical failure.

Reasons Hard Drive Won’t Boot

The failure issue of hard drive booting can be triggered due to numerous reasons. An incorrect BIOS sequence would not allow searching for the bootable hard drive. You might face this error when your drive or partition is corrupted or damaged.

Windows system failure may also prevent a drive from booting. Moreover, some viruses can damage the drive’s boot sector. Improperly plugged-in drives and inaccurate hard drive configuration can also lead to hard drive boot failure problems.

Check Boot Order to Fix Error

Increasing the Startup time is the ultimate way to make Macs run faster or improve Windows performance. But, the disk boot failure issue on the computer slows down the startup time. To fix this problem, first, check your system’s BIOS boot order.

Restart your computer. Use the Esc, Delete, F2, F8, F10, or F12 keys to open BIOS. It may be visible either on the screen or before you get the Windows logo. Now, click the boot tab. Alter the order and put the disk on the 1st option. Save it and restart your system.

Remove New Hardware

Another thing you can try is to get rid of all the hardware you can recently install on your computer. Also, check the data cables and hard disk jumpers, ensuring they are properly connected.

First, take out the newly installed hardware. And once you do that, restart your computer. Check if your drive is still preventing the computer from booting. Carefully check your hard disk where you have installed Windows. Also, check jumpers and then restart your device.

Delete Problematic Files

When your system doesn’t boot while you attach an external USB hard drive, files in the root directory may cause issues. These files may confuse the system on boot. So, remove the troublesome files without having a negative impact on the device.

To see the hidden files:

  1. Choose “Show hidden Files and Folder” from the Control Panel.
  2. Click on View and then the radio button close to ‘Show hidden files and folders’.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Remove hidden files on the root directory of the external hard drive in File Explorer.

Start Repair or Automatic Repair

When your hard drive preventing computer from booting properly even after trying the above tips, run start repair or automatic repair. Place Windows bootable installation DVD. Now, restart your device. Tap any key to boot from a DVD or CD.

Choose the language and tap on the Next button. Select Repair your computer. Tap Troubleshoot and then the Advanced option. Click Automatic Repair or the Startup Repair tab. Wait until the process ends. Restart your computer and boot it to Windows.

Solve Drive Booting Problem on Mac

All the tips we have described above will troubleshoot the drive booting problem in Windows computers. If you are using a Mac, then you can try using the Disk Utility tool. This tool will help you in improving the hard drive life by timely solving the problem.

First, back up your data to protect it from any damage due to the booting issue of the hard drive. Now, run the process of First Aid to allow Disk Utility to repair the file permissions or other related issues.   

The Conclusion

Mostly, hard drives don’t last forever due to mechanical or other failures. These failures increase the data loss risk. Hence, look for the signs of logical or physical failure. Find out what is causing the disk booting failure and take the best action to fix the issue.  

Besides the above-mentioned methods, you can also try updating your HDD drivers. And, when you find that your hard disk drive is faulty and can’t be repaired, replace it. Check if booting is happening properly.

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