Dish Set To Offer Sling TV, Bringing Live Sports To Cord Cutters

Cord cutters have all kinds of ways to watch television shows and movies. They’ve got Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and soon HBO’s standalone streaming service. However, when it comes to live sports, would-be cord cutters have a hard time finding a dependable way to watch events without some type of cable package.  Dish Network is working to change this.

During the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company announced its long-awaited streaming service known as Sling-TV.  For just $20 a month, people can attain access to live programming along with on-demand content from a number of channels including ESPN – score one for cord cutters.

Sling TV CEO Roger Lynch said the offer is a game changer – getting live TV that includes ESPN without a contract for $20 is a great deal. With Sling TV’s arrival, it allows consumers, who already used services such as Hulu and Netflix, another way to control their TV experience.

Dish’s Sling TV is one example of the important position satellite and cable companies have in the Internet TV movement.  Until recently, streaming services came out of the networks, which let people have access to their content and just their material – HBO, CBS, etc.  People would shell out small bits of money to each provider to attain content.

However, satellite and cable companies have the ability to come up with deals with networks they want to work with and provide viewers with channel bundles that are cost effective and more manageable than conventional cable packages.  With this middle ground, Dish can keep some customers while the other companies are losing subscribers.

Sling TV subscribers will have ESPN and ESPN2 along with CNN, The Disney Channel, the Food Network and more. For an additional $5, subscribers can include more channels such as The Kids Pack channels of Baby TV and Disney Junior. The service is available on smart TVs, set-top boxes, the Internet and cell phones. Dish may be securing its future by embracing Internet TV.

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