Dish Founder Feels Upcoming Sony Service Will Outdo Sling TV

Dish recently launched its Sling TV streaming service, and many have said it’s a cord-cutter’s dream come true. The reality is that the service is geared more toward folks who want basic cable TV access without paying the cable prices.

The founder of Dish, which will soon become its CEO, said there are limits to Sling and that Sony’s upcoming streaming service could be the actual marketplace disrupter.

During a call with investors Charlie Ergen, a Dish chairman who will also be coming back to the CEO seat when Joe Clayton retires, said since Sony has yet to play the pay-TV market, Sling TV is a reasonable option for people looking to cut ties with their satellite or cable TV provider.

He said when Sony does release its product, it’s going to be the actual replacement for pay-TV. Ergen said he believes it’ll make the impact on cable-TV market.  He said Sling TV is more about incremental business, not total disruption of pay-TV services.

Ergen said he isn’t try to downplay the importance of Sling but doesn’t see it as a replacement to cable packages; but, another way for people to get video through their mobile device. He said it’s going to be the next generation’s way of watching television.

And, this is probably true. Many young consumers have watched television content using their phones, computers and tablets, and don’t have the same ties older generations have to the traditional live TV.

A product such as Sling allows people to access live TV wherever they are without the need of buying a separate pay-TV package. However, people who want to get the TV experience without a pay-TV provider may want to choose the Sony service. Rumors are circulating that it’s going to be more robust and expensive than Dish’s Sling TV.  This is all speculation, of course. That is until Sony goes live with the service.

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