Cord Cutting Survey – Over 80% Cut The Cord Because Of Cost

The folks over at Cord Cutters News recently ran a survey to capture some data on cord cutters. Read on below to see what was surveyed and what the results were.

A new cord cutting news website Cord Cutters News has recently conducted a survey to gather some information on the demographic. They sampled about 100 people over the course of a weekend.

The results were pretty predictable in my opinion. A few results caught my attention but overall many of the results seemed expected.

No surprises here in my opinion. The rising costs of cable are why many people decide to cut the cord.

The results to this question stood out to me. I knew the Roku would be on top, but I thought I would see XBMC higher on the list. The Chromecast coming out on top of XBMC and the Apple TV was surprising.

This also surprised me. The fact that 70% of those surveyed don’t have a data cap is staggering to me. I was expecting that to be much, much lower.

The clear winner here is Netflix. I knew this one would be high, but I expected Torrents to be much higher. I’m also surprised that Amazon is higher than Hulu.

I think this shows that cord cutters aren’t just young people. People of all ages are cutting the cord, young and old.

It’s nice to see data on cord cutters that doesn’t come from the cable companies. Cord Cutter News has said they will be conducting another survey, which I will be looking out for. I hope they run it for a little longer this time in order to gather more information.


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