Cloud Media Open Hour Chameleon 4K – IFA 2014 Updates

The Cloud Media Open Hour Chameleon has been making a lot of news lately, I’ve rounded up some IFA 2014 coverage to show you more about it. open-hour-chameleon_displayCloud Media has been at IFA 2014 showing off their goods. The Open Hour Chameleon seems almost a little too good to be true – but it looks like this thing does exist, and is living up to its claims.

There are a few blogs posting some updates on this device, going into a little more detail than Open Hour’s website by showing internals and more detailed images of the box and the menus.

For those not in the loop, here is a rundown of some of the specs:

  • Based on Rockchip RK3288
  • 4-core ARM processor Cortex A17
  • 4K / UHD
  • compatible with HEVC UHD encoded videos
  • Android (4.4.2) KitKat Installed
  • Option to run your own OS – Linux, Chrome OS, etc
  • XBMC Built in
  • Option to ‘auto start’ certain apps (XBMC!)
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • three USB 2.0 ports
  • optical output
  • coaxial
  • HDMI

On to the images – click the images for a bigger view.


Main menu, from here you can launch XBMC, Play Store, settings, etc


Launching Google Play Store


After launching XBMC


Open Hour Chameleon Internals


Case without internal board

open_hour_chameleon_07-front case

Front View

open_hour_chameleon_08-rear side

Side and rear view

open_hour_chameleon_09-rear view

Rear view with ports shown


Bottom view

open_hour_chameleon_12-box and remote

Retail box + Remote


Source: lesnumeriques

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