Cable Companies Worried Customers Will Cut The Cord

Cord cutters have been around for some time – their decision to cut their ties with cable and satellite television provides varies. And, it’s something that cable providers have begun to panic over.

Some of these reasons include lack of interest in the offered programming, less costs and ability to attain movies and television shows by way of other options. Another reason is that some folks can still get over-the-air programming. Still, there have been an increasing amount of services that have filled the gap when a person decides to let their cable company go.

Enter Amazon, Hulu and Netflix, which give people all kinds of options – and each one has created its own original content (Netflix’s “Orange is the New Black”, anyone?).  This is also what is panicking cable and satellite providers.

If they’re not panicked, then they’re not paying close enough attention, especially after two pieces of recent news:

HBO said it would offer an online service that currently needs verification of a subscription. This will be dropped in 2015 to be a stand-alone product. Viewers can watch shows like Game of Thrones without the subscription.

CBS was quick to follow suit, saying it is offering an Internet services for a small fee. The network offers both old and new shows that should ensure no customers will say, “There’s nothing to watch on television.”

Combine the new ways to watch shows and movies with the older ones, and it’s no wonder that the cable companies like – Time Warner, Comcast, Suddenlink, CableOne and more are getting worried that their customers are going to leave.  Set-up boxes like Amazon Fire TV and Roku along with Chromecast is improving what they offer to viewers.

And, even though the cable providers are still in business, there are some people who won’t cut the cord – older people, for example, who don’t mind watching hours and hours of The Weather Channel.  However, the future isn’t cable; it’s broadband. And, it’s something these companies don’t want to realize but their days of being in business are soon coming to an end.


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