Best Roku Channels 2015

Congratulations on your new Roku! Now you have the power to access just about any show or movies that you want to binge watch. But where do you start looking for them? Scour for the best shows with these top channels for your new Roku.

  1. Crackle

crackle roku logo
So you have recently spent some dollars on your Roku and do not want to spend even more until your next pay check. Crackle is definitely your first channel of choice. You can stream movies and tv shows via Crackle absolutely for free. The range of movies that Crackle offers is actually impressive. Like your usual cable channel, Crackle has a scheduled rotation of its movie offering so you get the same excitement of watching out for your movie of choice. Whether you are looking for spaghetti western classics to new age comedy movies, you can get your movie fix with Crackle on your Roku.

  1. Netflix

netflix roku logo
From Orange is the New Black to House Of Cards, Netflix offers some of the best and most talked-about shows online and offline. The good news is that, Netflix is available on your Roku. It is free to download but you have to pay for subscription. Monthly subscription to Netflix will cost you $7.99 and you can already watch their full show offering over and over. You sure are up to a good deal with this one.

  1. Amazon Instant Video

amazon roku logo
Another channel worthy of space on your Roku is Amazon Instant Video. It is definitely free to download but you will also need to pay for subscription to AmazonPrime. Subscribing to AmazonPrime for a year at $99 will provide you with a great addition to the movies and shows which you can watch on your Roku. You can purchase or rent movies which variedly come in SD or HD. And with Amazon’s recent partnership with HBO, you also get full access to HBO shows.

  1. Google Play

google play roku logo
With your Roku, you can gain access to Google movies and music as well. You do not need to have Chromecast or any other Android media player to do that. Your Roku is enough. Simply get the Google Play channel and you will already have a wide selection of movies, shows, and music in SD or HD qualities which you can either purchase or rent. If you are lucky, you might come across some promo or discounts that Goog Play offers every now and then.

  1. YouTube

youtube logo
As far as video streaming goes, YouTube is one channel that you should not miss having on your Roku. You can practically find anything under the sun on YouTube. From tutorials, to game walkthroughs, to silly videos of cats and funny prank videos, you surely will never get a single minute of boredom when you have YouTube on your Roku.

So what are you waiting for? Stuff your awesome gadget with movies, music, and TV shows of your interest. Take full advantage of your new power to watch anything in HD, any moment you want, any place you go.

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