Best Google Chromecast Apps 2015

Looking to make your Chromecast a powerful little stick? Well, there is no other way to do that than to find the best app to install and own the HD viewing game. These are the top apps for your Chromecast this year

  1. Netflix

Known for providing last year’s most talked-about shows, Netflix surely comes in strong as a must-have app this 2015. Stream your favorite online shows from Netflix directly to your HD TV using Chromecast. Be the first to watch the news season of Orange is the New Black or House of Cards this year. And while waiting for them, might as well binge watch past episodes or check out other Netflix content offerings. You only need to download the app, key in your subscription details, and you are good to go. Highly recommended.

  1. HBO Go

Another media provider that was able to produce award-winning and well-watched shows and made-for-tv movies last year is HBO. And now that you have a Chromecast, you can easily catch up on their amazing shows when you download HBO Go. With this app, you can watch previous Game of Thrones, GIRLS, or Boardwalk Empire episodes or watch them real-time when a new episode gets released. You also gain access to a repository of iconic movies and shows from HBO by signing up for their Chromecast app.

  1. Pandora

Add in a music element to your Chromecast by downloading Pandora. With this app, you can listen to your favorite artists or tune in to a number of available virtual stations. Pandora also allows you to discover artists and genres that are similar to your current favorites. It will provide you with on-point recommendations that you can surely use. But the real benefit of having Pandora on your Chromecast is you get to play music using your HD TV speakers for better sound quality.

  1. LocalCast

If you really want to maximize your Chromecast’s power, you should definitely try LocalCast. This casting app is one of the best of its kind. You can cast your local content from your phone, tablet, NAS, any Google cloud storage, or directly from a web browser using LocalCast for Chromecast. It supports a wide range of video formats including mp4, mkv, 3gp, and m4v. Aside from videos, you can also cast music via LocalCast. The app also provides seamless queuing mechanism for building your playlist.

  1. Doodlecast

So you already got shows, movies, and music. Now, have the best casual game for your Chromecast. Doodlecast is a hip drawing game that will surely gain even more popularity this year. This is how the game goes: someone has to draw a word and an audience will have to guess what the player is drawing. The app allows you to draw on your phone and have your drawings displayed on an HD TV, real-time. This way, your friends get to play with you more comfortably. Because of the larger display, Doodlecast is able to take the usual drawing game and improve it by allowing more people to play at once.

Have these apps on your Chromecast to get so much more out of it. Here’s to more fun watching, casting, and playing!

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