An Overview and Review of the Roku 4 Streaming Media Player 4400R

Over the years, streaming content has gained immensely in popularity, while cable has truly taken a major hit. Much of this has to do with the availability of high speed Internet, but it would be impossible to completely take advantage of this technology, without a reliable streaming media player. There is an abundance of streaming boxes on the market, but the Roku is undeniably one of the best well known. Within this comprehensive review, you will learn all about the Roku 4 4400O 4K Streaming Media Player. Is it is worth the money? Continue reading to find out!

Roku-4-1Picture Quality

Upon their initial release, some streaming players were plagued with spotty and unsatisfying video quality. This has changed substantially in the past few years. With the introduction of faster Internet capabilities and dramatically improved streaming players, such as the Roku 4, consumers can now utilize these products to watch their favorite videos in their full glory. The Roku 4 delivers jaw-dropping clarity and four times the resolution of traditional high definition. The box is capable of up-scaling 720p and 1080p video, so the video will look beautiful, regardless of your television’s capabilities.

In this category, the Roku truly excels and outperforms many of its major competitors.

Voice Search

In the past couple of years, voice compatibility has become a staple of a variety of digital devices. Smartphones and tablets frequently incorporate this technology and it definitely makes the consumer’s life a bit easier. The Roku has taken a page out of their playbooks and now offers a voice search option. With the player’s enhanced remote, the consumer will be able to say the name of a movie, television show, actor, or director. The Roku will analyze the consumer’s voice, scan its comprehensive database and deliver the results desired, within a matter of seconds.

Content Is Plentiful

The performance and ease of use would matter very little, if the Roku 4400R didn’t offer an abundance of content to users. The good news is that the Roku player certainly outperforms many of its competitors in this specific category. The player is capable of accessing over twenty-five hundred channels! Users will also be able to choose from an enormous database of over three hundred thousand movies and television shows. The box works with various platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, HBO GO, and ESPN.

Rest assured knowing you’ll always be able to find something new and interesting to explore with this box!


The Roku 4 is compatible with 4K Ultra HD and 1080P HDTV brands. This device offers all users the ability to scan through the top streaming channels more efficiently. In order to ensure yourself that this media player is compatible with your television, be sure to check the Roku website. There you will find a variety of data relating to the product, installation, and channel options.

Installation Process

If you are electronic savvy, you should have no issues installing the Roku 4. As a matter of fact, the process only takes between 15-30 minutes tops, but this will depend on your level of skills. You will receive an installation guide with step-by-step instructions to make this process go smoothly. Of course, you will need to input the logon information for each streaming service provider into the setting and configuration manager.

Lost Remote Locator

Although the feature isn’t a deal maker or breaker, the lost remote finder is undoubtedly well received. Everyone should understand how frustrating it could be to lose the remote control. Despite searching your house extensively, the remote just refuses to reappear. The good news is that the Roku 4 can eliminate your search rather quickly. Just hit the button, which can be found on the top of the box. The remote will emit a noise and alert you to its location.


  • Offers access to an enormous amount of content
  • Voice search is very convenient
  • Lost Remote Finder can prevent future headaches
  • Works with almost all televisions
  • Delivers immaculate clarity and beautiful video quality
  • Quad-core process is very quick
  • USB and Micro SD card slot enhances the unit’s functionality



  • The built-in fan is slightly louder than most competitor brands

Overall Assessment

Despite having a few notable cons, the Roku 4 Streaming Media Player is still an exceptional product. The setup is effortless and the box offers access to a massive database of channels, shows and movies. For the price, it is truly a great value and well worth examining in greater depth right away!

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