Amazon Instant Set To Offer 4K Video Streaming Service

Higher resolution is coming to Amazon before the year is out. Amazon said the long-sworn 4K video streaming service it announced a long while back will begin before 2015 starts.

Amazon, as well as other companies, has promised consumers it would start to provide next-generation video for televisions that are compatible Ultra-HD. Despite the significant drop in the prices for Ultra HD TV – many dropping to around $1,000 – it’s been hard to get streaming 4K content.

In the spring, Netflix was the first streaming service to bring Ultra HD TVs. Today, there are roughly a dozen movies and TV shows that offer the service to its subscribers. And, it also started charging an additional $4 for the 4K service on its $8 monthly service – $12 total.

Amazon said subscribers to the $99 annual Prime Service will not be charged for its 4K streaming experience. However, they may need to get an update for their built-in Amazon Instant Video app on their television.

Amazon’s Vice President of Digital Video Michael Paull, said the company is confident that providing Ultra HD content – be it film or TV series – is going to produce the best possible viewing experience to its customers.

Consumers who want to know if going with Amazon is their best option for their ultimate viewing experience can find Lady Gaga in 4K. The company said it will add to its collection Lady Gaga’s “Cheek to Cheek” concert along with Amazon-produced shows like “Mozart in the Jungle”, “Alpha House” and “Transparent”.  Movies may also soon be added to the collection.

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